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Step into the shoes of Ned, as he awakens in a world overshadowed by darkness and decay, he must embark on a perilous journey through the mysterious Oinkish Isles.

Oinkish Isles

Sentient pigs are the island's inhabitants, each facing the looming threat of The Blight—a sinister force that engulfs the land in death and desolation. His quest is to aid the noble pigs in freeing their homeland from the clutches of The Blight.

Ignis Flux: Power of Restoration

Liberate the Trapped Pigs: Find the best way to rescue the pigs from blighted terrains. Each liberation contributes to your level's star rating.

Rescue the pigs!

Harness Life Plant Magic: Seek out and harness the potent magic of Life Plants—unique flora pulsating with life-affirming energies. With their mystical powers, you can push back The Blight and revive vitality in desolate areas, breathing life into flora, fauna, and the land itself.

The Magic of Life Plants

Confront the Shadows of Desolation:
Encounter formidable adversaries born from The Blight's corruption. Bring the pigs to safety, with each triumph propelling you closer to emancipating the Blighted World from its tragic grip.

... Unknown enemy